Día de los Muertos — or the Day of the Dead — is quickly approaching (October 31 – November 2), which means that it’s time to start thinking about plans for this year’s celebrations. However, given there are still many physical distancing guidelines in place, 2020’s Día de los Muertos will ultimately look different than it has in years past.

To ensure that this year’s Día de los Muertos celebrations are just as special as they always have been, consider hosting a virtual gathering this year! While digital events started to become a very popular option for gathering earlier this year, Evite has found that they are still trending: Over 6.5 million people have been invited to virtual parties through Evite since March, according to Evite’s Party Trend Report

With that being said, here are our top tips for successfully hosting a Día De Los Muertos virtual party:

Include family, wherever they are: The great thing about virtual parties is that it doesn’t matter if you are next door or across the country, you can still make it!Send out a Día de los Muertos invitation with virtual party capabilities and get ready to see the faces of your loved ones.

Have activities prepared: Send out a list of supplies all guests will need to have prior to your virtual party, depending on the activities you have prepared. Face painting is a big part of the Día de los Muertos tradition, dating all the way back to the Aztecs — and you may want to consider dedicating time for everyone to paint their faces at the beginning of your virtual party. For more details and a how-to, check out this Día de los Muertos celebration guide

Decorate and transform your space: Create an altar in your home and put up festive decor for your deceased loved ones to whom you want to honor. Items you use can be as easy as candles and colorful tissue paper banners. Be sure to hang them where your camera screen will be able to show other guests.

Create a menu that honors loved ones: In addition to coming together with crafting activities such as face painting, you can also share an experience with your family virtually by preparing the recipes of deceased family members together. Make sure everyone has the ingredients beforehand and designate one guest to lead everyone through the recipe.

Adapt your family’s traditions: If your family has an annual tradition during Día De Los Muertos, feel inspired to keep it alive even virtually. As a host, do your best to be creative and consider what steps you can take to adapt your traditions to the small screen. It may be more doable than you think! For example, if you typically visit and clean a gravesite, you can virtually include family members who may not be able to attend due to health restrictions.

The most important thing to remember when throwing a virtual Día de los Muertos celebration is to not put too much pressure on yourself! Let yourself enjoy the meaning and roots of the holiday while prioritizing time with family, wherever they are.