On March 17, the world celebrates St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. In recent years, this holiday has been associated with drinking alcohol, but there are so many ways to celebrate the holiday without touching a green beer or setting foot in a pub. Read on for 7 sober ways to celebrate St. Pat’s:

Don your best green garb

This one is obvious, but Irish folklore says that if you wear green, you’re invisible to leprechauns and will avoid getting pinched. Historically, green shamrocks were pinned to garments in the right breast area by the Irish to signify luck and blessings. Whether it’s luck or leprechauns, the color green is heavily associated with St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland, so wear the color proudly. 

Watch The National St. Patrick’s Day Festival

The first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in NYC in 1766. It wasn’t until 1995 that Ireland started to have parades of their own, but they immediately became the best at it, with a week-long celebration celebrating Irish arts & culture and a parade. In 2021 the event has gone virtual due to COVID-19. You can get a front-row seat to the Irish St. Patrick’s Day festivities from March 12 – March 17.

Read Irish folklore about St. Patrick

St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland, and there are many legendary tales of about his life that live on in folklore. St. Patrick is credited with banishing snakes from Ireland, creating the Celtic cross, and teaching Christianity and The Holy Trinity to those living on The Emerald Isle, so spend some time learning about the stories that make him so popular.

Learn about Irish culture

Absorb popular music by Irish artists like U2, The Pogues, or Flogging Molly with our St. Patrick’s Day Spotify playlist. If movies are more your thing, try hosting a virtual watch party for the 2016 coming-of-age musical Sing Street, the family-friendly fantasy The Secret of Roan Inish, or anything with Saoirse Ronan (yes, this is an excuse to watch Little Women for the tenth time). 

Try Irish step dancing with the help of TikTok

Irish step dancers are having a moment right now thanks to TikTok. Get inspired by watching Morgan Bullock’s genre-bending dances or gather your family and try to recreate one of Caidre’s group routines. If learning incredibly difficult step dancing routines aren’t your thing, you can at least try to master a beginner’s step. Record your progress on TikTok… it’s not about the end result, but the fun along the way!

Make a traditional meal, and top if off with dessert

Corned beef and cabbage is probably the most well-known dish to have on St. Patrick’s Day, but you can also try Irish soda bread, buttered carrots, or lamb stew. Want to make a snack instead? Try these simple shepherd’s pie potato skins. Finish it off with a minty Clover Shake you can whip up easily from home, or St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes topped with marshmallows.

Have fun with crafts

A DIY leprechaun trap is an exciting craft that puts your child’s imagination to work. Use the time to share what you’ve learned about St. Patrick, Irish folklore, and Irish culture with your children or grandchildren to round out your celebration.

Ready to get started? Invite friends or family to your St. Patrick’s day celebration.