If one feeling has united everyone this time of year, it’s the optimism of ringing in a brand New Year and bidding adieu to 2020!

This year, there won’t be big nightclub outings, large crowds at the midnight ball drop or even group gatherings at city fireworks. We’re swapping those celebrations for smaller, more intimate, safe gatherings with our families, friends, or even our new, unexpected quarantine pods. But a smaller party doesn’t equal less fun – in fact, we’re seeing our community get even more creative with New Year’s gatherings this year than ever before!

While “good riddance” definitely seems to be the common event theme, we’ve chuckled along with some creative event names like “The End of the Worst Year Ever!” and “We Don’t Want None Unless You Got 2021, Hun!” Other top themes for small gatherings or virtual New Year’s celebrations this year are Masquerade, Roaring 20s and a favorite, Pajama Party!

So, if you’re hosting a small, safe gathering to say goodbye to 2020, here’s a few tips to still make that party sparkle!

Be sure to check your county’s COVID-19 restrictions before planning any gatherings with people outside of your household.

Splurge on the Food and Drink Spread

A smaller guest list, means it’s easier to up-level the usual party food and drinks. Instead of bowls of chips (which are a budget, fan favorite), incorporate appetizers like bacon wrapped dates, expensive cheeses and artisan bread. To take it up a notch, consider finally splurging on a few glasses of that expensive champagne you’ve always wanted.

Create a Playlist that Celebrate The Year

While there were plenty of ups and downs in 2020, artists and musicians gave us some real gifts worth celebrating: two Taylor Swift albums, a new Bad Bunny album and countless new artists found through Tik Tok, just to name a few. To set yourself up for some positive party vibes and perhaps an impromptu dance party, create a playlist that celebrates all of the great music from 2020, while also honoring some of the musicians who we said goodbye to in 2020 (Eddie Van Halen, Kenny Rogers, Bill Withers, to name a few). Or, just listen to our New Year’s Eve playlist on Spotify.

Snap Photos and Create Content

Did you embrace learning a new Tik Tok dance trend this year, a new hair color, master the art of sourdough bread or simply get to spend more time with your family and close friends? Spend New Year’s cataloging some of those iconic memories from the year.

Ask Your Guests to Share their Happiest Moments of 2020

New Year’s is often a time to reset and reflect. Encourage guests to write down their happiest moments of the year and share them with each other. This can help spark some positive conversation and memories, which have been in short supply this year. 

Add to the Guestlist with Virtual Guests

While your IRL guest list might be small, think about extending the list with virtual guests (or a hybrid party). It’s easy to make guests feel like they are all attending the same party by sending out an Evite invitation with a virtual party link. Be sure to make the party fun for all of your guests by incorporating some shared activities like cocktail making, a virtual dance-off, and coordinating the midnight cheers.

Get Dressed Up in Those Outfits You Couldn’t Show Off This Year

We missed a lot of events this year that we normally would have dressed up for, so use your New Year’s gathering as your runway moment! A small gathering doesn’t have to mean casual outfits. Get dressed up in your best look to finally say goodbye to 2020!

If you’re looking for an Evite invitation to celebrate the New Year either virtually or with a small group, check out our selection of invitations here.