In 2020, the world went from face-to-face to screen-to-screen as people embraced virtual get-togethers. Having the ability to celebrate with friends and family helped us maintain our connections, and virtual parties are still trending: over 6.5 million people have been invited to one through Evite in the past year, according to Evite’s Party Trend Report!

However, simply sending an invitation and adding video chat doesn’t exactly make it a party. A truly fun party comes to life when you create an exciting atmosphere for your guests. With many physical distance guidelines still in place, here are our top tips for hosting an exciting virtual party:

Create an invitation that captures the vibe

Your party theme may be as simple as a birthday shower or as elaborate as a costume party where everyone dresses up as their favorite Prince fashion moment. Regardless, once you’ve decided on your theme the real fun can begin. Send an invitation (or, design your own) that truly embodies the spirit of your party, and get ready to see your guests.

Make it easy for guests to join

When creating your invitation, click “Make this a virtual event” to enable the video chat designed for virtual parties, not meetings. Then, make it even simpler for your guests to join by encouraging them to download the Evite app. Those who have the app will get a reminder when the party’s about to start and will be able to join in one tap from any device. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Set up like a pro

Generally, you’re going to be in one area for the duration of your party so you’ll want to follow our tips for setting up a virtual party to ensure your party station is comfortable, has a solid internet connection, and has the right lighting to help you look your best for all the screenshots that will be taking place. If you’re joining from a phone or tablet, create a DIY stand so that you can keep your hands free for waving (or drinking).

Spruce up your space.

Keeping with your theme, decorate the space around your setup with balloons, garlands, or pom poms just like you would for an in-person party. This will help your guests feel the party’s energy as soon as they join.

Have fun conversation topics at the ready

Avoid small talk with pre-planned conversation starters. Not only will this help your guests get to know each other, but it also allows the host to steer the conversation, make sure everyone feels welcome and ensure the conversation keeps flowing smoothly. Not sure what to ask? Check out our Party Conversation Starter cards.

Encourage fun by playing games

While many tech-savvy groups are using services like Jackbox or Steam to bring gameplaying into their parties, you can also create simple, unique games to play as a group that is themed around your party. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Name 3 Things: Each guest takes a turn naming a category (“Snacks that start with M”, “Holiday songs, or “Flowers” for example) and chooses a guest to answer. If the guest answers correctly, they name a category and choose another guest to answer. If they are unable to answer, they’re out until the game concludes.
  • Who’s Behind the Mask?: Create a slide deck featuring iconic masked characters mixed in with paparazzi shots of celebrities in 2020 wearing masks. The first person to name the character or celebrity gets a point. Highest point total wins.
  • How Well Do You Know _____?: Ideal for parties honoring a person or a couple, this trivia game tests the knowledge of how well everyone knows the guest of honor. Prepare beforehand by asking a series of questions (For example, “How did the lovely couple meet?”, “What sport did the guest of honor play in high school?”) and give every guest a point for each correct answer. The highest total wins!

Ready to host the best virtual party ever? Choose an invitation to get started.

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