One of the saving graces of virtual parties is that nobody is actually coming over. You might not need to pick up several bags of ice or dust every nook and cranny, but there are still little to-dos you can check off to make sure you’re ready to party. From looking your best to getting guests online, here are our top quick tips for setting up the best virtual party space.

  1. Get a flattering angle

Look your best on screen by elevating your device so the camera sits at about eye level. This might mean propping up your device with a stack of books, or using a laptop stand. If you can, join from a laptop or tablet instead of a phone, so you can party hands-free.

  1. Lighting is everything

Lighting makes all the difference. Position yourself facing the light; that is, the light should be in front of your face, not behind your back. Open the blinds for natural light (the most ideal), or turn on a lamp. This gives you the best exposure, and prevents any dark silhouettes.

  1. Your WiFi router is MVP

Nobody wants to freeze in the middle of singing “happy birthday,” so be sure to set up in the room with the strongest internet connection, AKA the router room. Sit right next to your router or even plug in an ethernet cable (yes, ethernet!) for the smoothest experience.

  1. Be prepared to act as IT

This one is important. Not all party guests are equally tech-savvy, which means you might need to help some guests join the video chat, especially if it’s their first time. Make sure you’re ready 15 minutes early, so you’re free to assist!

Learn how to add Evite video chat to any invitation here, or start browsing invitations to get your next virtual party started.