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If you have a child graduating high school this spring, chances are you’re planning to mark the occasion with a party, as you should! Graduation is a time for parents to celebrate and show off their kids’ accomplishments, as well as a perfect opportunity to gather family and friends to mark a significant milestone. However, teenagers being teenagers, we know your grad might not be as excited as you are for a party with their parents. Here’s how to include the guest of honor in every step of the graduation party planning process, in a way they’ll actually enjoy. 

Let Them Help with the Registry

If you’ve got a grad who’s reluctant to have a party, a reminder that family loves to spoil them is an excellent place to start. Make sure to include them when setting up a registry so you can work together to choose a good mix of practical items for their future plans and other fun things they really want. With Evite Donations, you can also set up a college fund together, or they can elect to give some of their party money to a cause they care about. 

Include Their Favorite Guests

Traditionally graduation is an occasion for the family to celebrate, but you’ll want to make sure your grad knows they can invite some of their friends as well – it is their party, after all. If you’re concerned about having too many people over at once, it’s a good idea to stagger different groups. For instance, invite family and parents’ friends to come earlier in the day and let your kid’s friends join later on so they can take their “family” hat off and relax a little. If your kid’s friends are also graduating, you might want to impose a “no gifts” rule for them to keep things simpler.  

Split Up the Party-Planning Decisions

When it comes down to it, a good grad party is about compromise. Your grad might be mortified if you let family members make speeches in their honor, but if it’s important to you, you can give them complete control of the playlist in return. Food and drink is another good area to let them make some decisions, whether that’s takeout from their go-to place or their favorite kind of cake. Ultimately you want to make sure everyone has a good time and your child feels heard and celebrated. But don’t forget to make sure they know they’re also going to participate in the party clean-up!

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