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Looking for a sweet way to package holiday cookies? Turn homemade cookies into a gorgeous gift by presenting them in decorative packaging. We teamed up with Evite in partnership with Crisco® to show you how.


Start by selecting a handful of holiday cookie recipes, or make one basic recipe (we like Crisco®‘s homemade cookie mix) and go nuts with add-ins such as chocolate chips and citrus zest to make a variety of flavors. For a festive finish, top cookies with colorful icing and/or sprinkles. Let your cookies cool and/or frosting set completely before you begin decorating and packaging.

Pretty meets practical: These glass jars with rubber ring seals and a swing-top clamp lock the lid in place, so not only do they show off your baked goodies, but they also lock in freshness. Plus, they can be reused long after your cookies are gone to store more cookies, brown sugar, nuts or other snacks. Pro tip: Place a layer of waxed or parchment paper between cookies to keep them from sticking together.


Stick on a chalkboard sticker and personalize with a chalk ink marker — you can just write “sweet,” as we did, or write or draw something special for each person receiving a gift. For the finishing touch, tie a piece of twine and one of our free printable holiday gift tags around the top.

Need another option for treats like biscotti? Purchase mini clear paint cans for your cookies — the tall shape allows for oddly shaped treats, and the handle allows friends to easily tote their cookies home. Pad the bottom of each paint can with a sprinkling of crinkle-cut paper shred and stick on one of our free printable “for you” labels.

Encourage friends to refill their jars with freshly baked cookies of their own by attaching a free printable recipe card to the rim. For a personal touch, handwrite your favorite recipe on them.


As a bonus, offer a set of cookie cutters to pair with the cookies themselves — just tie a small and large cutter together with a pretty holiday ribbon and give a set out along with each jar.

Cookie Gifts Packaging

Start inviting your friends to a holiday party with the EVITE invitation below, or browse our holiday party invitations for more designs.

Evite Crisco Cookie Party Invitation

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