Lavendar background with 3 Evite Mother's Day cards shown. The cards have hearts, flowers, and words like "mama" and "mommy"

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and sending a card is the simplest way to show you care, especially if you’re not able to see her in person this year. Writing a standard Mother’s Day card is easy, but after all these years supporting you, don’t the moms and mother figures in your life deserve a more personal and meaningful message? Here are some tips for penning a Mother’s Day card that doesn’t feel like it came pre-packaged.

Be specific

The key to avoiding clichés is specificity. Don’t just tell the moms in your life they’re the greatest; call out exactly what makes them great. Your mom might have heard that she’s a great listener before, and your grandma definitely knows she makes the best lasagna on earth, but it’ll never get old coming from you, especially if you pair it with a meaningful example from your memory.

Be heartfelt

There’s definitely room for humor in writing a Mother’s Day card, but at the end of the day, it’s really an opportunity to express genuine gratitude – whether it’s for your mom, mother-in-law, or the mother of your kids. Make sure to close your message out with something sincere. Don’t overthink it! Just be honest and tell her what she means to you.

Be on time

There’s nothing more cliché than forgetting to send a card for Mother’s Day, so be sure to plan ahead and guarantee your card arrives before the second Sunday in May. If you’re worried you might forget, create digital cards for all the moms you want to celebrate now with Evite, and schedule them to send automatically on Mother’s Day. 

Need some help getting started? Here’s a basic template you can personalize for Mother’s Day when you send or schedule a digital card. Don’t forget, you’ll get bonus points if you use Evite’s video message feature to record your message in your own voice. The video message feature is free on all digital cards.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m so lucky to have a (mom/mother-in-law/nana) who (goes all in at karaoke/ knows how to grow anything/ I can call when I’m having a bad day). Thank you for always (being there for me/dog sitting Rocky/ sending me home with extra dessert). I can’t wait to see you for (Kelly’s wedding/ Fourth of July/ anything, as soon as we can).

I love you,

(Your Name)

If you’d like to pair your card with flowers, check out our guide to bouquets based on Mom’s personality. Or, browse our digital Mother’s Day cards.