Evite Party Ideas Paid Post

Planning a birthday party for your kids is never easy. Even after you spend hours looking for answers online, you still end up second guessing yourself. Take some of that stress out of the planning with these tips to make your next kids’ party just right. Brought to you Evite in partnership with LEGO Juniors.

Tip #1: The first question every parent asks is, “how many kids should I invite to the party?” The short answer is, it depends. Consider both space and budget before sending out the guest list. For example, if the party is in your backyard, you’ll probably have more space and you can invite more guests than if you hosted in your home. If you want an easy way to cut costs without compromising on the actual party, it’s probably best to keep the party on the small size. Either way, do what’s best for you and your family.

Tip #2: Once you’ve gone through the guest list and picked a location, think about where you want the party to take place. Keep everything in the same space – that way, everything stays organized, you can keep an eye on all the kids and the mess stays under control. No matter what size space you have, designate different “party stations” for the kids. Have one table for food and drinks and another for gifts.

Tip #3: Start planning the menu a week before the party. Birthdays are a special occasion that call for cake but you also want to consider kids with food allergies. An easy way to plan ahead is to ask parents when they are RSVP-ing to the party. Have them list any allergies their kids may have on the invitation so you can have something for everyone. It also helps to label each snack so everyone is aware of what they are eating.

Tip #4: Getting a gift for a 4 or 5-year old can be one of the hardest things about planning a party. Take the guesswork out of gift giving by choosing a set from LEGO Juniors – a gift that is just right. Perfect for any 4-to-5 year old birthday girl or boy, LEGO Juniors is easy-to-build with quick-start pieces and simple instructions. LEGO Juniors is an age-appropriate building experience that provides endless play.


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