Every year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, people across the world participate in Giving Tuesday, the global generosity movement for people and organizations to give back to their communities. Since its creation in 2012, millions of people have turned Giving Tuesday into an unofficial holiday. It has now grown to one of the biggest giving days of the year. Giving Tuesday is especially popular with the Evite community. Our customers have raised over 20 million dollars for nonprofits and personal causes through our partnership with Pledge, according to the 2020 Evite Trend Report

The best way to make the maximum impact is to get others involved along with you. Luckily, Evite makes it easy to organize a Giving Tuesday fundraiser. Here’s how you can use Evite Donations to get involved in one of the newest and most generous holidays around.

How to Raise Money for Giving Tuesday:

  1. Choose an invitation: Start by choosing an invitation that encapsulates your fundraiser, such as this one. If you are using another event — like a birthday party or an upcoming virtual get-together — to raise funds for Giving Tuesday, choose an invitation that captures the theme of the party to set the mood.
  2. Find your cause:  Next, you’ll want to choose a cause to support. The most popular nonprofit organizations on Evite to support are St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, American Cancer Society, and ASPCA, but there are over 2 million nonprofits you can choose from in the Evite Donations database, powered by Pledge. Get inspired and learn more about nonprofits around the country in this article. To get step-by-step instructions for adding a charity to your invitation, read this article.
  3. Spread the word: Finally, cast your net wide! Send your invitation via email, text message, or shareable link, so you can reach your contacts wherever they are. Include a personal message with details such as why the cause is important to you and what the nonprofit’s mission is to help invitees get the full picture.
  4. Watch your impact grow: Track your progress in real-time within your invitation. At the conclusion of your fundraiser, we’ll send the nonprofit a check for the full amount donated by you and your guests — Evite doesn’t take any processing fees.

Together, you and your community can come together to make a difference on Giving Tuesday. Ready to make a difference? Browse invitations to get started.