festive Evite invitation and sephora gift card

To say this holiday season is unlike any other would be an understatement. Of the many things that have changed, gift-giving is surely one of them. While we’re now embracing alternative, contactless gifting options, there’s still plenty of ways to ensure your loved ones’ faces light up when they open a gift; and we may not be able to give our friends a big hug to say thank you, but we can still make sure they know we are thinking about them this holiday.

As people gear up to spend another holiday without seeing friends and family in person, we’ve partnered with Blackhawk Network to give our users a personalized way of sending a little extra cheer — eGift Cards!

Starting today, you can now access and send more than 100 eGift card options from some of the world’s most popular brands — in a wide range of denominations — and have them delivered right away. The eGift card options can be found here, but hosts and guests using the platform can conveniently access them from their invitations as well. Your recipient has the flexibility to upload the eGift cards to a mobile wallet, redeem online, spend in a retailer’s app, or even print out for in-store, contactless scanning.

If you are wanting to spread the holiday spirit, but don’t know where to start, we have listed a few people to get you thinking about who you can send an eGift Card to first:

  • Your neighbor who is spending the holidays alone because their family lives on the other side of the country
  • An old college roommate that you reconnected with this year thanks to Zoom happy hours
  • The friend who went through an especially tough time in 2020
  • Your sibling that you haven’t been able to hug IRL in way too long
  • The colleague who used to be your go-to coffee walk partner

To access our eGift cards click here! And if you are looking for another, free option, for sending your loved one a thoughtful gift, consider sending an Evite holiday card complete with a personalized video message. Nothing beats just letting someone you know you are thinking of them – especially during the 2020 holidays. 

Touching the hearts of those you care about just got a lot easier, especially if you’re miles apart. Happy gifting!