Does anything beat showing up to work to play with pets? We threw an in-office pet party with our employees’ dogs to celebrate the launch of our new pet party invitation and card collection, which pet lovers everywhere can use for anything from pool parties to birthday parties.

For anyone else who wants to flood the office with fluffy friends (highly recommended), here’s a glimpse of how the best day of work ever came together — and how you and your coworkers can make any Bring Your Dog to Work Day a blowout bash, too.

Evite Pet Party Dogs

Decorate a Designated Area

Since pets are bound to roam around, focus the decor in a designated area of a larger room. Start with a clean backdrop, then add some spirit with a printable banner, streamers, tissue paper pom poms, and balloons.

Evite Pet Party Backdrop

We created DIY dog balloons by taping our free printables onto white balloons. Mix and match ear shapes and facial expressions to give your balloon animals a little character and tie on a ribbon “leash.” Then, top your pups off with party hats and names, too! Meet Hugo and Lola.

Evite Pet Party Dog Balloons

Safety tip: be sure to keep eyes on the decor, in case any pets attempt to eat any props or pop a balloon.

Make It Pet-Friendly

This is a party for pets, not humans, so you’ll need miniature furniture for your miniature friends. A kids table with matching chairs works perfectly. Set out water bowls to the side to keep the little guys hydrated. And don’t forget to remind pet owners to take their dogs out for occasional bathroom breaks (because nobody likes a party pooper).

Evite Pet Party Dogs Sitting at Table

Encourage Guests to Come in Costume

Help the pets party in style by dressing them up (if they’re willing) with a few accessories — sweaters, ties, scarves, and a party hat, too. Pawsitively adorable.

Evite Pet Party Dressed Up Dogs

Evite Pet Party Pitbulls

Evite Pet Party Corgi Party Hat

Set Up a Photo Booth

Pics or it didn’t happen — seriously. Capture the cuteness overload by setting up a simple but festive photo booth for guests (pets and people, too) to pose around.

Evite Pet Party Photo Booth Skin

Include photo props like party hats and punny catchphrases, like “This party is going to be so FETCH!” or “Raise the Ruff!” You can download our suite of free photo booth printables here. Just print them out and adhere to wooden dowels.

Evite Pet Party Photo Booth

Evite Pet Party Printables

Happy pets make for happy workers! All in all, we’d call this a pretty good day at the paw-ffice.

Evite Pet Party Staff with Dogs

Evite Pet Party in Office Host

Whether it’s a birthday party, pool party, or just because, plan a pet party using this invitation below, or another design from our new animal-themed invitation collection.

Evite Pet Party Invitation

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