Outdoor Party

It’s official– the dog days of summer are here. And while many of us participated in creative parade parties or small outdoor get-togethers during quarantine, this summer is sure to be chock full of parties– after all, we have over a year’s worth of celebrations to make up for! Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ, kid’s birthday party or fancy dinner party, we’ve got you covered with tips to help you celebrate and get back into outdoor entertaining mode. 

The Set Up

When it comes to hosting friends and family outside this summer, you’ll want to make sure everyone feels comfortable. The best way to do that is with your set up. Instead of using one large table for everyone, we recommend setting up a few more intimate areas with tables and chairs to allow smaller groups of people to congregate. Set up groups of 2-4 adirondack chairs to encourage a few people to sit down together, and have moveable chairs that can be added if your guests are comfortable. To really set the mood, our favorite party decor accessory is string lights! They are great for those summer day parties that extend into the evening and always add to the ambience!

The Food

While many people are getting vaccinated and feeling more comfortable socializing in-person and outdoors, you still want to be cognizant about minimizing germs– especially when it comes to shareable foods. Plan a menu that offers individual portions and limits touchpoints to keep everyone safe and happy. Individually-wrapped snacks and treats will be your best friend when it comes to safely serving food. One of our favorite options, both pre- and post-pandemic, are popsicles– you can never go wrong with a variety pack of popsicles. For more ideas, check out our tips for bringing food to share without sharing germs. If you can’t buy food already individually-wrapped, portion out individual servings ahead of time and serve them in mini mason jars. Although cake is a party staple, you may want to consider doing cupcakes or mini bundt cakes instead since they are already individually-wrapped and ready to go. We also suggest skipping communal bowls of food and instead opting for individual cups of chips or skewers of fruit.

The Fun & Games

There are all sorts of fun games and activities that you can set up during your outdoor get-together to keep your guests entertained while outside. Corn hole and bocce are always crowd pleasers and ideal for those who want to maintain social distancing. Whether you’re hosting in your backyard, at a local park or outdoor venue, a variety of low-key activities such as frisbee, board games or giant jenga encourages some friendly competition and guests to interact with people they may not know! And for really hot summer days, invite your guests to bring a swimsuit and set up a slip-and-slide or sprinkler for a fun and playful way to cool down. Keep the merriment going throughout your party with upbeat, lively music– you can even take requests for a group karaoke or sing-along! You can always check out our Spotify playlists for inspiration. 

Ready to plan your next outdoor celebration? Get started by sending an Evite invitation with one of our festive summer templates.