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No two brides are alike and your bride’s bridal shower should reflect her unique personality and be as special and one-of-a-kind as she is. Most brides look forward to the wedding, but the bridal shower should be full of unforgettable memories too. Give her the special day she deserves by bringing together the ones she loves the most to celebrate her before the big day. Get our top 3 ways to personalize her bridal shower, brought to you by Evite in partnership with P-touch Embellish.

Customize the Decor: Anyone can purchase party supplies online or from a big box store, but adding homemade, handcrafted touches will make her bridal shower feel more personal, like you planned it just for her. Help save money and show off your crafty side by creating DIY centerpieces, banners, floral arrangements or photo displays that decorate the room with memorable items the bride will hold near and dear. If you’re hosting the shower with friends or family, invite them over for an afternoon or evening of crafting prior to the party so you can decorate all the decor together. Keep everything organized by having labeled folders for each to-do before the party (i.e. catering, decorations, favors). You can use the P-touch Embellish Satin Ribbon and Tape Printer to help you stay organized while you plan the party by printing decorative tape for each folder or notebook so you stay on top of each task and plan the best possible shower for your bride. 

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Incorporating photos is a fun and thoughtful way to personalize any bride’s bridal shower. Try creating a DIY photo display using an old photo frame, twine, and clothespins. Simply string the twine from one end of the photo frame to other, horizontally, starting at the top and making your way down to the bottom. Then, use the clothespins to attach the photos to the twine. You can use photos of the bride and groom-to-be, or photos of the bride and her family and friends – it’s up to you! Add a personal touch with the help of the P-touch Embellish to decorate the border of the photo frame and make it stand out. If the wedding has a color palette, consider incorporating those colors to make the bridal shower match. 

Another fun way to use photos doubles as an activity and a gift for the bride to take home after the shower. Bring an empty scrapbook and a few Polaroid cameras and create a Bridal Shower Guest Book Station in one area of the party. Guests at the shower can snap a pic then leave a message for the couple in the scrapbook as a sweet keepsake for many years to come. Use the P-touch Embellish to add a decorative touch and customize each guest’s page in the scrapbook. 

If the bride has a favorite flower — or if she’s already decided which flowers she’ll be using in her wedding bouquet while she walks down the aisle — consider using those flowers as the centerpiece at each table. If your bridal shower is less formal and your guests won’t be seated at individual tables, incorporate her favorite flowers by arranging bouquets around the room. Add a personal touch by using the P-touch Embellish to decorate each vase with a personalized ribbon commemorating her special day in some way — for example, you can mark each ribbon with the couple’s initials, their wedding date, or their wedding hashtag. 

Give Out Personalized Gifts to Guests: Each guest has been invited to attend the bride’s shower for a reason. Make sure to show them just how special they are with personalized gifts. 

Like the party, the gifts should reflect the bride and her style, interests, and personality. For example, if your bride is outdoorsy and into nature, consider giving out mini succulents or small plants to each guest, then personalize each one by writing a short note or marking the occasion by printing the couple’s wedding date on a piece of ribbon using the P-touch EmbellishIf the bride is into baking, package up her favorite cookie recipe into mason jars and seal them with decorative ribbon and gift tag with the guest’s name.


Mason jars are also a great way to package up homemade body scrub, candles or even the bride’s favorite candy. You can easily make your own body scrub with sugar or salt, olive oil and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Make a big batch in a mixing bowl and add to mini mason jars as a gift for guests to say thank you for attending. 


For another fun favor, give guests a sweet treat to go by wrapping plastic cartons of mints with patterned ribbon that reads “Mint to Be” using the P-touch Embellish. Place them in a basket at one end of the gift or dessert table so guests can pop a few in between appetizers or dinner, or hand them out to guests while you say your goodbyes. 


If you’re planning on wrapping each gift, use the P-touch Embellish to add a little something extra to the wrapping and write a message on the ribbon. 


Serve Her Favorite Food: No party is complete without food, even if you’re only serving appetizers or finger foods. If you really want to make your bride feel special and personalize her party, track down some of her favorite foods and have them on the menu for her bridal shower. If the food is going to be served buffet style, use the P-touch Embellish to print decorative tape on food tents or cards to identify each dish. 

It’s not uncommon to serve several desserts at a bridal shower, but if she has a favorite dessert, have it on display and ready to eat after the rest of the food has been served. You can even print customized cupcake or cake toppers or wrap dessert in decorative ribbons that match the rest of the decor.



Last but not least, if the bride has a drink of choice, make sure you’re serving it on the day of her bridal shower. It’ll make her feel special and will let her know that her friendship is important to you. Pro-tip: If beer, wine, Champagne, or a mixed drink is her preference, make sure you have a non-alcoholic beverage available for those who prefer not to drink.

Wine and Champagne glasses are bound to get lost or mixed up at big parties with lots of guests. Solve the problem and dress up your decor by creating personalized ribbon tags for wine glasses. The P-touch Embellish gives you the ability to easily print the name of each guest and attach it to the bottom of each wine glass so you won’t have any mix-ups and guests will be able to keep track of their glasses with ease. Plus, you can print in any color so you can still stay on theme. 


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