You’ve been putting together the perfect menu, shopping to prepare the perfect meal and now you have to set the table! This can be scary, but it’s okay — this is the fun part. Setting a table can be overwhelming for sure, but this quick guide makes it easy and fun. As long as you stay within the table-setting guidelines, you can pull off your look for any occasion.

First, decide if your party is formal or casual, then refer to the chart. My #1 tip for creating amazing tablescapes is to mix and match. When you use your basic china set, you tend to create a hotel or restaurant look. A surefire way to create a memorable table setting that shows your personality is to blend colors and patterns. A good rule to follow is 3 to 4 (but no more) colors and patterns. Start with your plate and build from there. Combine clear or white base pieces with color and accent with gold or silver. Have fun, choose what you love and pick creative table decor to offset your place setting. Finish off with a lively centerpiece, such as flowers, fruit or herbs.

Evite Formal Place Settings Infographic Evite Informal Place Settings Infographic

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Now that you’ve got the table settings down, start planning a dinner party with this free Evite invitation or browse more designs from our dinner party invitation gallery.

Evite Free Dinner Party Invitation

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