Keep the party hopping all night long with a neighborhood progressive dinner! This type of party takes place at three different houses in a neighborhood and all the neighbors walk to and from each of three locations together for an evening of mingling and eating each other’s favorite dishes. Follow the steps below to have a very merry night in your neck of the woods!

Progressive Dinner houses

  1. Find volunteers for a total of three houses or apartments to host each course: Have one house serve appetizers, the second house serve a main course, and the final house serve desserts. All stops should provide drinks such as wine, cocktails and beer.
  2. Pick a date and time that works for the hosts and most of the neighbors. Plan for approximately an hour at each of the three spots, so about three hours from start to finish.
  3. Send out an Evite invitation. On the invitation, suggest that every neighbor participating bring an appetizer, main dish or side, or dessert to help out the three hosts. You can ask guests to indicate what they’re bringing in their comments. Specify that the hosts will need the dishes before the start of the progressive dinner so they can set everything up at their house.
  4. Have everyone meet up at the appetizer house (first stop), mingle and enjoy the various apps.
  5. Have the main course and dessert hosts leave the preceding house to theirs 15 minutes early so they can take out or heat up dishes to be prepared for the wave of people walking to their house next.
  6. Enjoy walking from house to house in your neighbors’ company while viewing Christmas lights, and enjoy the dishes made by the whole neighborhood!

Click on the premium or free Evite invitations below to start inviting the neighbors to a progressive dinner — or check out more invitations from our holiday party collection.

Celebrate the Season Invitation


Christmas lights invitation

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