It’s important to step back sometimes and take care of yourself with a “mental health” day. If you don’t treat yourself well, you can’t take care of all the balls you have in the air — partner, family, work, home, pets, chores, life! Let’s all take a day to enjoy not only ourselves, but our friends. Plan a day after the holidays with your favorite ladies to kick your shoes off and relax.

red nails


Exercise: I always like to start the day with a group exercise activity. Been wanting to try barre or a new spin class? Gather your friends to  sweat and laugh it out together.
Food: Whew — good job! Now brunch calls. You worked up an appetite, so time to hit your favorite local brunch spot. I suggest a tapas or family-style restaurant. The more you share, the more you visit with each other.
Spa: Time to get pampered. I like getting a pumpkin facial during the holiday season. Not only does it smell delicious, but it’s also loaded with Vitamins A, C and E to fight wrinkles. Plus, it has tons of beta carotene, zinc, potassium and antioxidants, which help eliminate redness (which you might have from all the holiday drinking)! After the facials, meet up in the steam room. Time to sweat it out some more. Toxins be gone! It’s easy to feel frumpy during the holidays because of all the extra sugar and alcohol in your diet. The steam room helps clear your skin to make it glow and feel refreshed.
Drinks: Time to finish off your perfect day with a little coffee/smoothie/green tea break.
Nail Salon: If you have extra time, head to the nail salon. Gorgeous nails to end the day sounds just heavenly. I suggest some glitter or bright red. You’ll want to make a statement for New Year’s Eve just a few days away.
The best part of today? Relaxing and spending time with your besties. Don’t wait to do this once a year. Try to make this a tradition every few months with your ladies. You know why … you deserve it.

Use the free or premium Evite invitations below to gather your friends for a fun day out!

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