Football can be just as much fun off the field when you’re surrounded by food, friends and fun. Get into the spirit with these tailgating games, brought to you by Evite in partnership with Hefty® Ultimate™ Easy Grip® Cups.

DIY Football-Themed Beer Pong

DIY Beer Pong Table

Kick off game day with a good old-fashioned drinking game (for participants of the legal drinking age of 21 or older only). Put your own tailgating twist on a college classic by building this festive football-themed beer pong table using Hefty® Ultimate™ Easy Grip® Cups. The rules are simple: Split up into 2-person teams, with each team positioned at opposite ends of the table. Then take turns throwing a ping-pong ball into opponents’ cups. Every time the ball lands in a cup, the opposing team must drink the contents of the cup before the cup is taken off the table. The first team to clear all of the opposing team’s cups wins. Just remember to drink responsibly and assign a designated driver before you start playing if you choose to play with alcohol. You can also play this game with water, soda, juice, mocktails or other nonalcoholic beverages in your cups.

Touch Football

Top 5 Tailgating Games

Get guests out of their seats and on their feet by taking a timeout during the game to play some touch football outside. The best part? It will help burn off all those football party food calories.


Top 5 Tailgating Games

Before the big game starts, head outdoors to play a quick cornhole match. All you need to play is a cornhole board and a handful of beanbags, making it easy to transport in the trunk of your car to play at a party or in a parking lot.

Football Bingo

Top 5 Tailgating Games

A family-friendly round of bingo is a great way to get guests involved and invested in the game. It’s simple to play, even for non-football fans: Just keep an eye out for things like touchdowns and trophies, then mark off the corresponding images on your cards while you watch. The first person to get five in a row (either vertically, horizontally or diagonally) wins! Get our free downloadable bingo cards now: bingo card for player 1card for player 2card for player 3card for player 4card for player 5card for player 6.

Photo Booth

Evite Football Photo Booth

Make long-lasting memories with a makeshift football-themed photo booth. Set out an instant camera along with a selection of props, from pompoms to footballs to mini megaphones, then encourage guests to strike a pose. Ready, set, snap the pic!

Start rounding up the fans with this free EVITE invitation, or another one from our watch the game invitation gallery or tailgating invitation gallery.

Evite Hefty Game Day Invitation


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