Hosting the best party ever requires a little bit of prep. You’ve got to invite a good mix of people, provide delectable bites, and of course make sure you don’t run out of alcohol.  Getting the right amount of beer, wine, and liquor for your party is a skill that hosts have tried to master for generations. Luckily, hosts in the 21st century have Evite’s Drink Calculator, the handy tool that takes the guesswork out of alcohol shopping and keeps the party flowing. 

How to Use Evite’s Drink Calculator

Use this handy calculator anytime you’re hosting guests — for everything from small dinner parties to your wedding.

  1. Once you’ve set your guest list, head to our drink calculator
  2. Enter the number of guests by the type of drinker they are — light, moderate, or heavy. 
  3. Next, enter the duration of your party. If you’re not sure, 4 hours is usually a safe bet.
  4. Finally, check the boxes next to the types of alcohol you’ll be providing – choose from beer, wine, and liquor. You can select or de-select any combination of these options.

The calculator will provide the number of beer, wine, and liquor bottles to purchase, and will update in real-time as you change the number of guests, types of drinkers, and alcohol you’ll be providing, so you can be sure the totals are accurate with your last known entries. 

Just like that, you’re on your way to a well-stocked bar and the title of Best Host Ever!