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Prepping for a pre-game party in the parking lot? Watch the video below to put together the perfect tailgating party kit, brought to you by Evite in partnership with Hefty® Ultimate™ Easy Grip® Cups. 

Tailgating Party Kit Packing List:

Step 1: Pack your toolkit in a large portable toolbox or large plastic storage bin, which you can keep in the trunk of your car.

Step 2: Be strategic in your packing plan. Anything that needs to stay cold or hot should go in separate coolers, but everything else (except the grill) goes in your tailgate kit. Pack larger, heavier items at the bottom and smaller, lighter items at the top to prevent them from getting buried or crushed.

Step 3: Pack items in small bins or trays within your party kit. Designate each tray or section of your kit for a specific set of items — one for grilling items, one for cutlery and cleaning supplies, and another for miscellaneous items.

Step 4: In the bottom of your kit, pack charcoal and grilling tools, such as a meat thermometer, tongs, spatula, lighter, and bottle and can openers. 

Step 5: In the middle of your kit, pack items for eating and drinking (such as utensils, napkins, paper towels, plates and bowls), personal prep and cleanup (such as sunscreen, bug spray, wet wipes and trash bags). Don’t forget to pack plenty of cups — we like Hefty® Ultimate™ Easy Grip® Cups because they resist cracking, even if the party gets out of hand.

Step 6: At the top, pack items for food storage and prep (such as resealable plastic containers, foil, plastic bags, condiments and seasonings). 


Start inviting friends to take part in your tailgate by sending out this free EVITE invitation below, or another one from our Tailgating invitation gallery or our Watch the Game invitation gallery.

Evite Hefty Game Day Invitation


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