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Don’t drop the ball: Throw a winning game day celebration, thanks to our top 10 Home Bowl party dos and don’ts, brought to you by Evite in partnership with Coca-Cola® and NABISCO.

Home Bowl Dos and Don'ts

1. DO arrive on time. There’s nothing more maddening than a guest who shows up late and demands a game update during a crucial play. Bonus: When you get to the party well before kick-off, you also score the best seats.

Top 10 Home Bowl Party Dos and Don'ts

2. DON’T come empty-handed. Considerate guests arrive at the party with treats in tow. We recommend bringing Share a Coke® bottles and an Football OREO Refrigerator Cake or Football OREO Cookie Pops in Coca-Cola® bottles.

Home Bowl Dos and Don'ts

3. DO pick a team to root for. Before spending the day with a bunch of football fanatics, pick a side. Not a fan of either team? Cheer for the same team as your host.

4. DON’T touch the remote. Not your TV, not your decision. No one wants to miss the winning play, so stay on the safe side and keep your hands to yourself — commercials included.

5. DO your homework. If you don’t know your Hail Mary from your halfback, study up before the big game and brush up on your football basics — a bit of knowledge will go a long way.

6. DON’T talk over the game. Watching the big game is a big deal for football fans. Keep conversation to a minimum.

Home Bowl Dos and Don'ts

7. DO be a good sport. Mind your game day manners: Throwing a tantrum because your team’s losing is a football faux-pas, and so is swearing — especially if kids are present.

Home Bowl Bingo

8. DON’T make a mess. Don’t leave behind dirty dishes and empty Coca-Cola® bottles — before you leave, offer to help your host with the clean-up.

9. DO thank your host. Hosting a game day get-together is no easy feat. Show your appreciation by sending your host a digital thank-you card, text or email within a few days of the party.

10. DON’T worry about who wins. At the end of the day, you’re there to enjoy the game with friends. Don’t worry too much about the final score — just have fun!


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