Baby shower games can be silly — and sometimes even dreaded by invitees. But if you pick the right games, guests will seriously bond all while rocking with laughter. Add one or more of our favorite baby shower games, brought to you by Evite in partnership with Huggies, to your mommy-to-be celebration and let guests know about the bonus diaper raffle, explained below. 

Baby Shower Games

1. Guess the Baby Game. This game brings a very personal touch to your gathering as guests relive their childhood days. The planning starts at the invitation stage — ask everyone to bring a baby photo of themselves (preferably under age two). As guests arrive at the party, discreetly collect their photos. Create a poster display of all the photos with corresponding numbers and give each guest a sheet of paper for their guesses on who’s who. Whoever guesses the most babies correctly wins a prize. Alternative: Try a celebrity baby guessing game.

2. Baby Food Taste Test. We’ve all wondered what some of those interesting combinations of baby food taste like (turkey and pear puree, anyone?), so here’s your chance to find out. Purchase seven to ten jars of baby food, put a number on each lid, tear off the label — and let the tasting begin! The guest with the most correct responses wins a prize.

3. Decorate the Onesies and Ts. Let everyone’s creativity fly as they decorate plain onesies and T-shirts with fabric pens, iron-on appliqués, and/or puffy paints. Bring an item for each guest and a piece of cardboard to stretch them out on. Make sure all the applications are machine washable and baby safe. Provide various sizes and colors so that the guest of honor doesn’t go home with 25 white onesies in the same size.

4. Ask Mama the Answer. The set-up for this Mad Libs-style game is easy-peasy: Provide one index card to each guest and ask her to write a baby-related question on the front. Once the guests have written their questions, they pass the card to their left facedown. Then that guest writes the answer to her own question on the back. Have each guest read the front and back of the card aloud — the Q& A’s will be hysterically mismatched.

5. Diaper Relay Race. Divide up teams in whichever way you choose — as individuals or groups of four with each person having a “job” in the baby-changing process. Each person or team gets a doll with a diaper, fully clothed and swaddled in a blanket. The goal is to undress it, change its diaper, re-dress it and swaddle it back up. Shout “Go!” and whoever finishes first is the winner.

BONUS Diaper Raffle. Double the fun of each baby shower game with this twist: First, inform guests in advance that they will receive a raffle ticket for each package of diapers they bring to the shower. On the day of the event, have each guest put the drawing-halves of their tickets into a container before any of the games begin. At the conclusion of each game, allow the winner to draw a ticket from the container, and award a prize to the ticket-holder.

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