Let’s face it, bachelorette party games can get a little uncomfortable (some even downright mortifying). So before you start planning the games (not to mention the party itself), ask the bride how racy — or not — she wants things to get. Meanwhile, we’ve gathered this list of fun, funny games that can stay classy all the way — or get a little wild if you want!

bachelorette party games

1. “I Never…”. This is a terrific icebreaker for guests who don’t all know each other. The bride begins the game with a statement such as “I never went skinny-dipping.” All the girls who have actually been skinny-dipping take a sip of their cocktails. You can keep this game as tame or wild as your group is. Either way, you’ll learn a lot about the bride-to-be and her friends!

2. How Well Do You Know the Couple? Create a quiz with questions such as: Where did the couple meet? What was their first argument over? How many kids do they hope to have? The person who answers the most questions correctly wins a prize. This game can be switched up to be just about the bride or just the groom. You can also play the Newlywed Game format, too. In this version, the hosts ask the groom a list of questions in advance, then the bride guesses his answers.

3. Ex Charades. This one could get crazy! Instead of famous actors, movies, etc., you’ll act out different guys the bride has dated or had a crush on (or even went on just one memorable blind date with!). One good friend should come up with the list of names and abstain from playing. Divide into two teams. If the other team can guess who the guy is in your decided amount of time, that team gets a point. Oh, the memories this one will stir.

4. Banned Words. This simple game is a festive way to keep the party (not party planning!) going. Come up with a short list of words that are verboten from being spoken throughout the evening, such as bride, groom, wedding, marriage, etc. Anytime someone says one of these banned words, they have to take a sip of their cocktail. Most likely the bride will have the most trouble!

5. Scavenger Hunt. This game can be tailored to be mild or wild and gives the evening momentum as the dares get more nutty. Create a list of items or dares the bride must find or take, such as procure matches from a bar, get a hot guy’s card/phone number, sing a crazy karaoke song, take a selfie with a cute guy, photo-bomb someone’s photo, or maybe even ask a guy for an article of clothing. Get creative with the list and order them from tamest to craziest as the night goes on.

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