Give a whole new meaning to Sunday Funday by throwing a festive football celebration. We’ve got you covered for your next game-watching bash with current party trends from grab-and-go eats to commercial break games.

1. Popcorn Bar: For a snack station that’s just as fun as it is flavorful, set up a popcorn bar with traditional, kettle and cheddar flavors. Offer toppings like ranch dressing mix, garlic salt and cinnamon sugar so guests can munch on salty and sweet creations while watching the game. Want more crunchy goodness? Add peanuts and pretzels.


2. House-Divided Decor: What’s wrong with a little competition among friends? Divide the decor in the viewing room in half with each football team’s color scheme. Use decorated balloons in team colors, tablecloths and serveware along with paraphernalia to represent each team and set them on opposite sides of the room. For extra points, set up team-themed snacks in a face-off.

snack works football helmet

3. Grab-And-Go Eats: The last thing you want in the heat of a game is to turn away from the TV to put together a plate of food. To avoid missing a game-winning touchdown, a hilarious commercial or an exciting half-time show, serve hors d’oeuvres that are quick and easy to grab (and eat on the couch!). Serve crowd-pleasing snacks such as wings and popcorn chicken with several dip choices.


4. Off-Field Fun: Football parties are just as much about what’s happening on screen as off. You’re bringing friends together, after all, so take a break during commercials to have some fun or get competitive during the game. Take a look at our favorite football party games to spark some ideas.


5. Beer Tasting: To fuel the competitive fire even further at your party, purchase beers from states of the opposing teams. For the ultimate taste test, pre-pour in chilled mugs so guests don’t know which beer is from which team’s area.


Invite friends over to catch some football with this free Evite invitation or another one from our Watch the Game gallery.

Evite Free Football Big Game Invitation