Getting friends together to go out on a group date doesn’t have to be difficult … or expensive. Check out our list below for the top 5 dates that won’t break the bank.

1. Bowling: Bowling isn’t just for birthdays; it’s also an easy (and affordable) date anytime of the year. Start by sending the free Evite Invitation below (or another one of our bowling invitations) — you can even use the “Event Conversation” feature in the “Manage Invitation” section of your Evite invitation to suggest pre or post-date plans. Bowling alleys often offer discounted prices on certain nights of the week — check your local alley before you bowl for special deals.

Bowling Standard Free Evite Invitation

2. Bike Ride: The best part about getting together for a group bike ride? As long as you own a bike, it’s completely free! Hit a local trail or pack a picnic and take a trip to the park. Start by sending the Paid Premium Evite Invitation below, using your invitation’s text card to establish a starting point. Plan your route before you set out using an online map to investigate possible stops between your starting point and final destination. Stick to back roads when possible, and ride two-by-two (permitted in most states) or single file to stay safe. P.S. If you don’t have a bike, many bike shops offer rentals; you may even be able to rent a tandem to up the romance factor. If you live in a city, bike shares are also an option.

Bike Ride Digital Premium Evite Invitation

3. Movie Night: Get the gang together for a cinematic evening complete with a concession stand of snacks. In addition to classic movie munchies (licorice, gummies, chocolates), offer gourmet movie snacks that go beyond plain popcorn. Have your heart set on a first-run film? Invite moviegoers over for a pre-party before setting out for the theater. Start by sending the free Evite Invitation below or another one of our viewing party invitations. Not sure what to see? After sending your Evite invitation, go to “Event Conversation” and use the poll feature to pick something everyone can agree on.

Movie Night Standard Free Evite Invitation

4. Wine Tasting: For an affordable yet sophisticated gathering, host an at-home wine tasting. Send a Premium Paid Evite Invitation like the one below, then assign each guest or couple to bring a bottle of wine — request that everyone bring their favorite, or select a single varietal (such as Chardonnay) and ask everyone to bring a bottle from a different region (California, France, Italy, etc.). Set out a baguette and plain crackers so guests can cleanse their palates between tastings, then offer something a bit more hearty for later (think fresh fruit and a selection of meats and cheeses).

Wine Tasting Evite Digital Premium Invitation

5. Game Night: It doesn’t get any easier — or cheaper — than a game night. If you’re hosting, start by sending the free Evite Invitation below (or another one of our game night invitations), then get set to get your game face on. Break out the board games (you can even ask guests to bring their favorites using the “Event Conversation feature” of your Evite invitation) or pick out some of our favorite no-board-necessary party games to play. Have each couple play as a team, or mix up alliances by forbidding members of a couple from playing together.

Bingo Standard Free Evite Invitation


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