Evite Party Ideas Paid Post

Everyone only gets a short Thanksgiving break, so make the most of the treasured days you and your friends have together back in your hometown. Start planning a casual gathering this season and turn this year’s Thanksgiving Eve reunion into one that will spark more get-togethers to come! See ideas below, brought to you by Evite in partnership with Strongbow*.

thanksgiving eve

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Plan a game night. A little competition never hurt anybody. Set up a selection of snacks and a bar of beer, spiked hot chocolate, and hard cider (such as Strongbow*, shown here) and get the party started. Get out your old board-game favorites, from Clue and Pictionary to Monopoly and Operation, and go back in time. Or play hometown bingo: Create bingo cards with each square featuring a local hot spot, landmark, or inside joke and a “Free Space” box in the center. Mix up where each memory is on each bingo card. Have every memory written on a slip of paper and put them all in a bowl to pull out during the game.

Hit the bars. Check out how your favorite old haunt is holding up. Upload a photo of your pals from years past (bonus points if it’s at the same bar) to an Evite invitation. Once you’re there, order the usual and ask the DJ or bartender to play some old-school tunes to let the nostalgia really kick in. Just make sure to have a designated driver set up if you plan to drink.

Watch old movies. Chick flick? Horror? Action? Comedy? Pick a movie or two you all love (or a classic no one’s seen) and curl up on the couch for a cozy evening in. Pair popcorn with hard cider (we like Strongbow Gold Apple*) and sodas.

Take a hike. Walk away from holiday stress and breathe in the fresh air of your old stomping grounds. Pack a picnic and reminisce with long-time friends over lunch at the top of a mountain.

Host a Friendsgiving. Plan a spin-off of the Thanksgiving feast by holding a special Friendsgiving dinner at home or at a favorite restaurant. During dinner, go around the table and share memories that you’re thankful for involving your friends.

Start inviting friends to one of the above occasions so another holiday doesn’t go by without catching up! Be sure to check out our galleries for invitations like the one below.

Friendsgiving Invitation

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