Evite Party Ideas Paid PostWhen you and your gals are prepping to hit the town together (and be sure to check out our pre-girls’-night party), some beauty 911s are sure to pop up. Be prepared to boost the confidence of any damsel in beauty distress with the easy fixes below brought to you by Evite in partnership with Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.

Evite Top Girls' Night Beauty Fixes

The 911: Static-y hair.
The Fix: 
A dryer sheet. If your strands are straying towards walls or clinging to your neck and clothes, grab a sheet of fabric softener and rub it on your hair. The same compounds that remove static cling from clothes will help neutralize the static electricity in your locks.

The 911: Unruly eyebrows.
The Fix: Hairspray. We’re not suggesting that you aim the nozzle at your eyes and spray, ladies. Simply pump a single dose into your palm, dip your fingertips, and then smooth your untamed brows. Finish by gently lifting your brows up and to the sides with your fingers and then bearing down against your fingertips for a 10-second count to achieve an epic arch.

The 911: Ghostly, vein-y, or bruised-up legs.
The Fix: Leg makeup. Yes, leg makeup, which is way less risky to apply than self tanner, hides a multitude of sins, and won’t rub off on clothes or furniture. Airbrush Legs adds color while also making your legs look, well, airbrushed (e.g. flawless) and washes off with soap and water. Watch our video on adding sparkly body art after achieving flawless gams.

The 911: Streaky self- or spray-on tanner.
The Fix: Crème bleach. The trouble with tanner is that if you mess it up or it starts to fade, you can’t just wash it off. Luckily, you can remove it completely with the same crème bleach used for lightening facial hair. Just mix up a triple batch (follow the package instructions) and apply it to your offending tan. Keep in mind the bleach will lift the tanner completely, so you’ll need to commit to un-tanning all visible skin or be prepared to darken the freshly whitened limb(s) with body makeup (see above) to match the rest of you.

The 911: Deflated cleavage.
The Fix: Bronzer. After you put your bra on, tuck some tissue paper around the cups to protect the fabric and then use a large, fluffy brush to apply bronzing powder down the center of your chest, blending upward and outward to create a V-shape along your natural curves. The shadowing will give the illusion of deeper cleavage.

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