Public ceremonies might be canceled, but that doesn’t mean your grad can’t celebrate. From the virtual parties to the photos and gifts, we’re teaching you a thing or two about how to properly honor your grad while we’re physically apart. Take notes!

5 Steps to Celebrating Your Grad in 2020


1. Spread the word with invitations and announcements.


Invitations – do justice to this major milestone by sending a graduation party invitation, about 3 weeks in advance. If you’re sitting down for a virtual meal, groups of 10 or fewer work best.

Announcements – Sharing the good news with everyone? Send a digital graduation card with a video message. Customize cards with the grad’s school colors, or upload a photo of the grad.

Hot tip: Accept donations directly through your invitation. Help the grad save up for their next adventure by adding a personal cause to your invitation, like a college or travel fund, and accept monetary donations in lieu of gifts.


2. Set up an easy video chat even Grandma can join.


Select “Make this a Virtual Event” when creating your Evite invitation to turn on video chat.

For 12 devices or fewer, turn on Evite video chat. For larger parties, enter your own video chat link, like Zoom or Skype. You and your guests will be able to access either one directly from the invitation.

Hot tip: Prep your party area in advance. For the best experience, set up in a room with natural lighting and strong internet connection, with your device camera about eye-level. Not all guests will be equally familiar with video chat, so be prepared to assist as they join.


3. Pack your virtual graduation party with fun and games.


Don’t rely on small talk! Make sure you set up activities to keep guests engaged, like a trivia game to see who knows the graduate best. Here are some sample trivia game questions to get you started:

  • What’s their favorite school subject?
  • Who’s their celebrity look-alike?
  • What’s their favorite pizza topping?
  • What’s their most used catchphrase? 

You can also create a slideshow of school memories, put on a virtual ceremony and present the diploma, or set up an activity based on the grad’s interests, like art or cooking challenges.


4. Document the milestone with a home photoshoot.

Throw an A+ Cap Decorating Party for You and Your Friends by Evite

They say “pics or it didn’t happen”, so make sure you still take those graduation photos. Your smartphone is as good a camera as any; take it to the backyard or near a window to snap some pro shots in natural sunlight.

  • Snap a shot of your grad tossing their cap! Angle your camera low to capture the cap flying high in the sky.
  • Create a simple backdrop with streamers, balloons, or even a bed sheet.
  • Your grad should still decorate their cap! Shoot the finished product from above for a proper glamour shot.


5. Don’t forget to gift the grad.


It’s important to treat virtual graduations like in-person ones, which means the standard gifting rules apply. 

For a gift that keeps giving, sign the graduate up for a monthly subscription box, or send them a digital gift card. Even better, you can use any Evite invitation to easily collect money from guests, whether they attend the party or not. Together, you can help send the grad to college, build up savings, and take on their next chapter!


Grads come in all sizes! Here are a few specific ideas for all stages and ages

Graduate School

What to do during the virtual party: set up a “stage” at home, and invite family and friends to tune in for a virtual ceremony.

How to honor the grad: check in with the grad of honor to see if there are any special ceremonies or traditions they’ll be missing, and try to recreate them at home.


What to do during the virtual party: create a fun board game or trivia quiz all about the grad to honor their accomplishments.

How to honor the grad: craft a thoughtful gift representing their time in college, like a photo collage or a quilt of college t-shirts.

High School

What to do during the virtual party: encourage your high schoolers to don their caps and gowns, decorate their cars, and drive by for a graduation parade.

How to honor the grad: spotlight your student with a slideshow or collage of their academic career, highlighting awards, activities, and other achievements.

Middle School

What to do during the virtual party: ask guests to share their best advice for high school.

How to honor the grad: create a virtual yearbook for the students, so they can still share messages and memories for each other online. 

Elementary School

What to do during the virtual party: set up a virtual dance party for your child and their friends.

How to honor the grad: create a collage of pictures of the student and frame it for a keepsake.