This year, your holiday plans may look pretty different than in year’s past. The CDC recommends that people avoid traveling for the holidays and instead stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19. If 2020 has put a damper on your traditional holiday plans, at least it opens the door for new traditions to be formed — virtually. Read on for three new virtual holiday party ideas that are great for virtual office parties, family gatherings, or catching up with friends.

1. Set up a virtual Secret Santa

Invite your guests to a virtual gift exchange via a festive Evite invitation and determine who wants to participate. Give participants at least 3-4 weeks before the party to know who they’ll be getting a gift for, and establish the budget. As the host, ask participants if they’re comfortable providing their addresses, and if so, share their addresses with their Secret Santa. You may also consider asking guests to pick a charity of their choice for their Secret Santas to donate to on their behalf.

2. Test your knowledge with Holiday Trivia

In honor of the late and great Alex Trebek, this is the perfect year to host a trivia game. If it’s for a company holiday party, ask questions that can’t be googled; instead, focus on fun facts about teammates that they’ve shared openly. (For example – which teammate used to live in Thailand for a year?) You may also consider incorporating a category about traditions for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

3. Plan a holiday-specific Show and Tell

Designate 30 minutes for a “show and tell” where guests take turns sharing something meaningful to them that’s holiday-related. Perhaps it’s a family ornament that has been passed down for generations or their grandma’s favorite Hanukkah recipe card. If guests don’t have anything physical they want to show the other guests, they can share one of their favorite family holiday memories or traditions. 

4. Don your worst with an Ugly Sweater Party

Invite guests with a lighthearted but on-theme invitation asking them to don their ugly holiday sweaters over video chat. During the party, have guests show off their sweaters in a fashion show. Use the poll option within the Evite app to have guests vote on their favorite, then crown a winner!

With these ideas, you and your crew will surely get into the holiday spirit. For tips on how to set up for the best virtual party, read this article. Or, browse holiday invitations to plan your virtual event.