Wellness Party invitation on a purple background with daisies

Way back in 2018, 55% of Americans surveyed stated that their new year’s resolutions were health-related, according to the New York Post. We’re willing to bet that after a global pandemic and the Great Banana Bread Craze of 2020, this percentage has probably gone up. If you’re committed or recently re-committed to a healthier lifestyle, a wellness party is a great way to socialize without compromising your health goals. 

What’s a Wellness Party?

Wellness parties are small get-togethers, typically held in the morning or early afternoon, with a focus on healthy fun. They can be held virtually or in-person (pending county COVID-19 restrictions). Typically, wellness parties are around 2 hours, allowing just enough time to kick start the day.

Food & Drink

If you’re having a small group over, food is lighter fare — think fresh fruit with yogurt, or vegetables with red pepper hummus. For drinks, consider tea, water, juice, or freshly blended smoothies to keep your guests feeling energized. If you decide to serve alcohol, we recommend champagne or hard seltzer — in moderation, of course. 

Wellness Party Attire

One of the best aspects of a wellness party is the dress code! Casual comfort is key — athleisure, clothes for working out, or any piece of clothing that you can move in and makes you feel good — anything goes for a wellness party.

Wellness Party Themes 

The kind of wellness party you have depends on the group of people you’re inviting. Here are a few suggestions: 

  • For the crew who just wants to have fun: Consider getting together for a dance party over video chat. Cue up Spotify’s group session for simultaneous listening, or just have everyone mute while you play DJ. Not feeling particularly inspired? Try our Get Movin’ playlist.
  • For the squad that likes to stay active: Consider a socially distanced hike, group run, or walk that doubles at a friendly catch-up as well. Try to keep the conversation centered on health and wellness with fun conversation starters, such as:
    • What’s something you want to do this year that you’ve never done before?
    • What makes you feel the most alive?
    • What’s one aspect of your health that you’re grateful for today?
    • If you could alter any recipe to be healthier, what recipe would you choose?
    • What song gets you excited for the day?
  • For the stressed-out group of working moms: These ladies deserve a virtual spa day! Put on your comfiest robe, turn on your essential oil diffuser, and lock yourself in the bedroom for at-home facials and mani/pedis. If you’re feeling extra luxurious, spring for a foot massager to take your relaxation game to a new level.
  • For the hodgepodge group: Yoga + meditation is a classic for a reason. Practicing both can create a sense of inner calmness and clarity, as well as center you for the remainder of the day. There are also physical benefits, such as improved posture and muscle strength. Gather friends virtually, then watch and participate in a short yoga video, like this 15-minute yoga flow for beginners. Afterward, do a short meditation, then catch up while you nosh on lighter fare.

Ready to start planning your own wellness party? Browse invitations to get started.