I began asking my son months in advance what kind of party he wanted for his 12th birthday. We were just a few weeks away when I finally told him that if he didn’t decide on a theme, I was going to pick it for him, to which he replied, “Okay Mom, whatever you want” — any party planning mama’s dream! I thought to myself, “Pretty soon, he’s going to be too cool for Mom to throw his birthday parties. This might be my last chance to really celebrate with him.”

So I wanted to do something special. I wanted a theme that was young and fun and would fill our house with loads of laughter. I wanted a theme that would allow him to run amok with his friends without a care in the world, and so “Camp Run-A-Muck” came to life — a camping birthday party. We pitched tents in the backyard for the boys to sleep in and set up a fire pit for cooking hot dogs and making s’mores. We also set up a nerf gun shooting range and ate chili dogs until our stomachs hurt. My son’s only request was a chocolate birthday cake, and I made sure not to disappoint. At the end of the day, I was one tired mama but I fell asleep to the sound of his laughter coming from the backyard, so I was also one happy camper!

Evite Camp Run Amuck Birthday Party Banner

Evite Camp Run Amuck Bug Juice Drinks

Evite Camp Run Amuck Drinks

Evite Camp Run Amuck Utensils

Evite Camp Run Amuck Hot Dogs

Evite Camp Run Amuck Corn on the Cob

Evite Camp Run Amuck Macaroni Salad

Evite Camp Run Amuck Birthday Chocolate Cake

Evite Camp Run Amuck Birthday Compass Cookies

Evite Camp Run Amuck S'mores and Treats

Evite Camp Run Amuck Birthday Party Campfire

Evite Camp Run Amuck Kids Tents

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Styling/Props: Sweet Jelly Parties
Photos: Megan Long Photography
Printables: Just A Little Sparkle
Cookies: Sunshine Bakes
Cupcakes: Sweet & Saucy Shop

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