Holi, the two-day spring harvest festival celebrated all throughout the world by South Asians, is one of the things i look forward to most about spring!

Also known as “The Festival of Colors,” Holi begins with lighting bonfires on the eve of the festival. The second day festivities, which take place on March 23rd this year, continue with people throwing colored powder and colored water at each other (think The Color Run times 10!), to celebrate leaving the cold, barren months behind. It’s a joyous and festive occasion that welcomes the warmer months and brightness in one’s life. People of all ages get together at huge parties and fill the parks, enjoying spicy snacks and thandai, a sweet, creamy milk drink flavored with nuts and spices.

A married couple’s first Holi and a baby’s first Holi are celebrated with much grandeur, since they signify a new generation and the start of a new life. For our daughter’s first Holi, I made homemade edible finger paints, since she was just under one year old and still in the putting-everything-in-her-mouth stage. We set up a backdrop and canvas with simple white tablecloths for easy clean up. Meanwhile, my husband and I enjoyed chilled thandai after our at-home Holi session.

Evite First Kids Holi Colors Love Laugh Mirch

Celebrating cultural holidays can be stress-free and enjoyable when you adapt traditions to fit your lifestyle. This mess-free Holi was perfect for our family as we still continued with tradition but in a manner that kept our little one safe. Wishing you and yours a colorful and festive Holi!

Evite Kids Holi Celebration Love Laugh Mirch

Evite First Kids Holi Colors Love Laugh Mirch

Evite Kids Holi Colors Love Laugh Mirch

Evite Kids Holi with Family Love Laugh Mirch

Evite Kids Holi Edible Colors Love Laugh Mirch

Evite Spiced Thandai Drink Holi Love Laugh Mirch

Evite Spiced Thandai Drink Holi Love Laugh Mirch

See here for more photos of this first Holi celebration. For more ideas on how to celebrate South Asian festivals and celebrations, check out Love Laugh Mirch.

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Evite Free Painting Holi Invitation

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