The air was aflutter with all kinds of chatter about Captain Kano, the fearless pirate that was being celebrated on that very day. Avast, ye mateys, he was turning 9 years old! All kinds of buccaneers and swashbucklers were set to show up that day. Captain Kano, being the pirate that he is, loves the sea, so the ship was anchored at the local pool. Don’t let him fool you, despite being a fearless pirate, Kano has one of the biggest hearts around, and just loves to swim, so it was natural to have his party around a pool, completely decorated with an “under the sea” theme. With all of his friends surrounding him, Kano was sure to have a good time! A pirate flag at the entranced welcomed guests to this memorable bash!


Pirate-themed cookies that spelled out the birthday boy’s name were all about the room, inviting, and ready to be eaten by the hungry pirates! “Sea Water,” really bottled water, was on hand for the thirsty scalliwags!



Before entering, each little plainclothes guest was immediately transformed into a pirate, from head to toe, with beautiful velvet pirate hats, inflatable pirate swords, eye patches and mustaches and beards! The kids adored this! Amongst the room were scattered gold coins, secret treasure for the children to find!




Desserts and snacks included fruit cups, delicious mousse cups, black cake pops (embellished with golden ribbon), his beautiful…err…manly pirate cake, chocolate cupcakes with a salted caramel drizzle, complete with pirate silhouette cupcake toppers, adorable bottles labeled “rum,” but was actually apple juice! All in all, Captain Kano was quite pleased with his pirate party! Guests left with certificates from Captain Kano himself, declaring them an official part of his crew! Happy Birthday, Kano, arrgghh!





Start planning your own party pirate with the free Evite invitation below or another one from Evite’s Birthday for Kids invitation gallery.



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