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Emilia McCool of Sweet Emilia Jane put together this informal afternoon party featuring s’more-making and beer-tasting stations plus games galore. “We went with a casual, rustic affair, but glammed it up with gold accents and cozy elements,” says Emilia. In a season of formal parties, this fun get-together gives guests a chance to really relax and reconnect with friends.

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To get the look of this party yourself, try the DIY projects featured in the videos below.

Emilia created this marquee backdrop that does triple duty as an attention-getting sign, unusual light fixture, and focal-point decoration.


  • 2×6″ piece of wood, stained or painted
  • Light blue mini Solo plastic cups
  • String of lights
  • Gold spray paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Drill with 3/8″ spade drill bit
  • Duct tape

Step 1: Lightly spray-paint Solo cups gold on the outside, leaving the inside alone. Once they are dry, flip the cups over and lightly spray the tops so the rims are covered. Note: If you put too much spray paint on the cups, they lose their shape, so use a light touch.

Step 2: Once your cups are completely dry, place the cups on your board to spell out “SMORES” without gluing to make sure the placement is correct. Then add a touch of hot glue to the bottom edges of the cups and attach them to the board.

Step 3: Place the sign on top of two boards to give it a little height. Drill a hole through the center of each cup and the board.

Step 4: From the back, gently pop lights into each hole. You may need to duct tape them into place so they don’t pop out.

Step 5: Plug lights in and voila, your marquee sign is complete.

These decorated mugs are a super-easy project Emilia came up with for her party. Note: The Painters markers do come off with water, so this is a cute project for a party that doesn’t have to be a permanent feature on your morning coffee cup.


Step 1: Make sure your mug is clean and dry.

Step 2: Simply write or draw on your mug with painter markers.

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Emilia McCool

Emilia McCool is the owner of Sweet Emilia Jane, a boutique event planning and design company based in Los Angeles. She is a certified wedding planner and coordinator with over ten years of experience in hospitality, production, and event services. Emilia was bitten by the crafting bug at a very early age and canʼt remember a time when she wasn’t creating through painting, sewing, dancing, building furniture, or designing jewelry. Her love for and expertise in both design and planning have helped her create a fresh and unique full-service event planning company.



Event Design and Planning: Sweet Emilia Jane

Coordinated by: Be Inspired PR

Photography: Captured by Aimee

Desserts and Cake: Hey There, Cupcake!