V-Day is right around the corner. Instead of scouring the mall looking for the perfect gift, do a deep dive on Etsy! I fell down the rabbit hole and found five awesome gifts that any guy can appreciate.



cufflinksIs your guy a big whiskey drinker? Whiskey barrel cufflinks are so hot! They are just shy of $50 and provide a classy talking piece.







smokin wife tee“I Love My Smokin’ Hot Wife” T-shirt is a must if your guy has a sense of humor. Why wouldn’t he want to rock this shirt when he’s out with his babe?






wallet cardI love this engraved wallet card! It’s only $25 and your guy will have a sweet or sassy note from you or the kids in his wallet on tough work days, or just when he needs a pick-me-up.






his/hers pillowsHow sweet are these His/Hers pillowcases? I especially love these for a newlywed couple, new roomies or just for a first Valentine’s Day gift.







valentine's day cardThis sassy Valentine is for all of the long-distance couples. Everyone loves a handwritten note on V-Day. Make him cry!







Don’t forget to check out more of Evite’s free Valentine’s Day cards to send to your partner not only on Valentine’s Day, but all year round!