Community is back with its predestined sixth season on Yahoo! and you need to be ready to throw the best binge-watching premiere party in town. Below are all the tips and tricks for your viewing party from a superfan.



Food and Drinks:

  • Order a pizza and have your guests sing, “Pizza! Pizza! In my tummy, me so hungie, me so hungie.”
  • Serve drinks from “Troy and Abed in the Morning” mugs.
  • For the underage kiddos, prepare Abed’s “special drink” (hot cocoa mix in cold milk). For a grown-up version, mix Nesquik® Chocolate Milk and Pinnacle® Whipped® Vodka.
  • For another beverage option, grab a bottle of “no-no juice” (wine).


Community offers a large variety of costume choices, so you shouldn’t have any trouble deciding what to wear, but I’ve chosen a few of my favorites:

  • Inspector Spacetime: Don a white robe, white button-up, red handkerchief (for around your neck) and black bowler hat.
  • Darkest Timeline: Cut out a goatee and use a hole punch and yarn to tie the goatee around your head so it covers the front of your face.
  • The Human Being: Find a white body suit, print out a Greendale “G,” and use a Sharpie to draw a creepy face on top of the body suit.
  • Dean Craig Pelton: Put together costumes to look like Lady Gaga, Gone with the Wind characters, a black-and-white housewife or the Devil.


  • “At Least it was Here,” by The 88
  • “Roxanne,” by The Police
  • “Kiss from a Rose,” by Seal
  • “Daybreak,” by Michael Haggins
  • “Gettin’ Rid of Britta,” by Vaughn Miller and Pierce Hawthorne
  • “Pierce You Are a B,” by Vaughn Miller


Gather every pillow and blanket in your house to make a blanket fort around your viewing area — bonus points if you make a fort that goes through multiple rooms.


Start inviting friends to watch the sixth season with the free Evite invitation below. Be sure to add “” as one of your guests on your invitation and be entered to win a Roku® Streaming Stick®!