Throw a dino-mite birthday party with our top tips and learn everything you need to know to make your celebration a roaring good time.


Dinosaur Party Decorations

Dinosaur #EviteParty in a Box

Begin by covering your serving station with a primary-colored tablecloth (we recommend using a fabric table linen so you can you can reuse it for future parties). Purchase dinosaur-themed tableware from a party store to place on top — we chose dinosaur-themed cups, plates and napkins with matching orange utensils and striped orange straws. For the finishing touch, hang this dinosaur party garland on the wall behind the main table using 3M Command hooks (available at hardware or home stores) or painter’s tape.

Dinosaur #EviteParty in a Box

Take a trip back in time by arranging succulent terrariums along the table for a feeling that’s purely prehistoric. Accompany your terrariums with this adorable dinosaur centerpiece— it even ROARRRS!

Dinosaur #EviteParty in a Box

Download our suite of free printable decorations, then hang the included “Happy Birthday” pennant banner above the kids’ table.

Dinosaur #EviteParty in a Box

Purchase pint-sized succulent plants from your local nursery and arrange them along your table as a centerpiece (we also tucked these mini dinosaur eggs inside as favors).

Dinosaur Party Food

Sandwiches are a go-to for any kid’s party. We sliced a baguette lengthwise, added sandwich fillings and cut them into kid-sized portions. For the finishing touch, wrap them in yellow tissue paper and tie them together with baker’s twine.

Dinosaur #EviteParty in a Box

To stay on theme, decorate cupcakes with a dinosaur-themed “Roarr” cupcake kit: Just place homemade or store-bought cupcakes in dinosaur cupcake liners, then add the origami dinosaur toppers for the crowning touch.

Dinosaur Party Activities

Keep kids occupied with a prehistoric egg hunt. Hide dino eggs before the party, then hand out dinosaur party bags for collecting treasure. Divide the number of eggs by the number of guests and tell each child how many they can collect — that way everyone comes out a winner!

Dinosaur #EviteParty in Box

Download our free printable “Dino Egg Hunt” sign and directional arrows, then post the arrows outside to prep kids for the party — or near each egg to give younger guests a little help.

Dinosaur #EviteParty in Box

Dinosaur Party Favors

Download and print this “Let Me Hear You Roarrrrr” sign, then frame and display it alongside dinosaur party hats for each of your guests to take home (the mouth on each hat even opens and closes!).

Dinosaur #EviteParty in a Box

Before guests head home, send them off with something sweet displayed in our DIY moss lollipop stand. Then download our printable labels to affix to each sweet.

Dinosaur #EviteParty in a Box

Pro tip: Repurpose the T. Rex bags from the egg hunt as goody bags kids can use to take home their dino eggs, dino party hat and lollipops.

Dinosaur #EviteParty in a Box

Dinosaur Party Printables


  • Scissors
  • Twine or string for the banners
  • Printable banner and signs 
  • X-ACTO knife (helpful, though not necessary)
  • Tape for hanging banners and/or signs
  • 8 ½ x 11” frames for framing signs


  1. When making a banner, cut the string to fit the wall where you want to hang the banner, then fold the string in half to find its center. Attach the middle letter to the middle of the string and work outward on either side to ensure your message is centered.
  2. Don’t have time to digitally personalize our editable printables? No problem, write the names or titles in by hand!
  3. Having trouble cutting around the small grooves? Use an X-ACTO knife for those areas.

Dinosaur Party Invitations

Invite guests to your party with this matching Premium Paid Evite Invitation: Dinosaur #EviteParty in a Box

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