Who doesn’t love a good ugly sweater party during the holidays? Take your pick of Grandma’s kitschiest get-ups and check out our ugly sweater party guide for some tacky yet tasteful fun.

Ugly Sweater #EviteParty in a Box

Ugly Sweater Party Decorations 

Start by covering your main table with a red table linen, then get down to decorating. 

Download our free suite of custom ugly sweater party printables, including an “Ugly Sweater” garland. Hang it with 3M Command hooks (available at hardware or home stores), or tape it to the wall using painter’s tape. Another quick and easy way to add some dimension to your table is to wrap gifts a little early and use them as levels for presenting food and drinks. You can also wrap shoe boxes or any other cardboard boxes you have around the house.

An ugly sweater party calls for knits all around — keep your refreshments cozy with sweater covers. We like these covers for your wine and these for your beer bottles. Bottles of liquor or wine cozied up in mini sweaters make perfect prizes for an ugly sweater contest.

Go all-out with holiday plates, napkins and cups — they’ll brighten up any entree or refreshment.

Ugly Sweater #EviteParty in a Box

Ugly Sweater Party Food 

For a spirited snack, we arranged red and green veggies in the shape of a Christmas tree (broccoli for the tree, cherry tomatoes for the ornaments, a cut-out orange as our star and cauliflower to fill in the surrounding space). We also served bacon-wrapped tots, and bite-sized chicken and waffles.

Ugly Sweater #EviteParty in a Box

Get the recipe for these bite-sized bacon-wrapped tater tots, and don’t forget to download our printable food labels!

Ugly Sweater #EviteParty in a Box

We also toasted mini waffles, placed a piece of fried chicken on top and served them up in cupcake liners. Holiday toppers provide a crowning touch.

Ugly Sweater #EviteParty in a Box

Other recipes and food and drink ideas perfect for an ugly sweater party include: flight of reinbeer, black velvet cocktails, Fireball Cinnamon cider, whiskey sippin’ bar, dark hot chocolate s’mores cocoa, cheddar ale dip and our top 5 Christmas cookies!

Ugly Sweater Party Activities 

Make sure to capture all those ugly sweaters on camera as a keepsake. Learn how we made this quick and easy DIY streamer backdrop to use during your photo-op.

Ugly Sweater #EviteParty in a Box

For a fun, creative twist on a traditional tree-trimming party, create our DIY Beer Bottle Tree, which includes a DIY Marquee Star Topper! Invite guests to BYOB and put together your tree once the bottles are empty.

And be sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit with one of our holiday party playlists!

Ugly Sweater Party Food 

Send guests home with a beer in a sweater cover decorated with our printable favor tags! Looking for a family-friendly option? Try these jolly snowman sippy cups.Ugly Sweater #EviteParty in a Box

Ugly Sweater Banner DIY


  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • X-ACTO knife (helpful, though not necessary)
  • Ribbon for printable banners and favor tags
  • Tape for hanging banners and signs


  1. When making a banner, measure and cut the string to fit the length of the wall where you plan to hang the banner, then fold the string in half to find its center. Attach the middle letter to the middle of the string and work outward on either side to ensure your message is centered.
  2. Don’t have time to digitally personalize our editable printables? No problem! Write the names or titles in by hand!
  3. Having trouble cutting around the small grooves? Use an X-ACTO knife for those areas.
  4. A hole punch is essential for cutting out holes to insert string or twine.


Invite guests to celebrate tacky holidays with this free Evite Invitation, or check out more ugly sweater party invitations.

Ugly Sweater Evite Invitation

Want more reasons to gather together for the holidays? Check out our 31 Days of Party interactive calendar for occasion ideas.