What’s a birthday party without a little fun? Get the kids moving around and let their creativity take over with these five easy birthday party activities from Ignite Social Media.

1. Cookie Decorating: Set up a decorating station with large cookies and an assortment of toppings (chocolate chips, raisins, peanuts, etc). Give each kid their own can of Reddi-wip* and let them get creative. Not only is this a fun activity but it makes for a very tasty treat!

reddi-wip cookies

2. Sidewalk Chalk: Grab a bucket of chalk and watch your children bring their imagination to life! Don’t be afraid to play along with the chalk too!

3. Simon Says: Watch everyone try to mimic what Simon says for a hilarious game. Take the group outside and play this game in the grass for even more room to participate.

4. Ball Pit: Make your own ball pit! Just grab a kiddie pool and fill it with plastic balls (hint: Walmart sells these by the 100s). The kids will have a blast playing in the pit with all of their friends.

5. Bubble Station: Set up a bubble station with different bubble wands in all sizes and shapes. Blow bubbles for the younger kids, and tell them to pop them before they hit the ground.

*Get more Reddi-wip recipes here. Plus: Save $1.00 on any TWO (2) Reddi-wip® 13-ounce products at Walmart (offer expires 12/1/14). 

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