Gather your favorite tributes and throw a Hunger Games party to celebrate Mockingjay: Part 1, in theaters Friday, November 21st! Turn your home into an arena complete with themed decor, food and activities.


Food & Drinks:

What’s a party without dessert? For a sweet treat from the Capitol, create the Hunger Games party cupcakes pictured above. Download our free printable arrow toppers, attach them to toothpicks and add them to a sweet treat. For added flair, use spray adhesive and edible glitter (available at craft stores and online) to make your toppers sparkle.

For savory treats to snack on, serve your guests hors d’oeuvres inspired by the movie. We suggest making Prim’s goat cheese wrapped in basil leaves, Finnick’s fish sticks, or “Peeta” bread and hummus. Dare your guests to try nightlock punch (just combine lemonade, cranberry juice and blueberries). If you’re heading to the theater, make our gourmet popcorn to bring as a snack.

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Place orange and red balloons around your home to mimic Katniss’ flaming look in the second film. To create sponsors’ parachutes, spray-paint tiny cardboard boxes silver and tie them to silver balloons. Make decorative arrows to hang around your house as well — and don’t forget to set the mood by playing The Hunger Games and Catching Fire movie soundtracks.

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Encourage guests to dress up like their favorite character from the movie. You can even assign districts to guests in advance and ask them to wear clothing that represents the working environment of that region. To channel your inner Katniss Everdeen, wrap your hair into a single long braid and choose one of her looks from any of the movies like the one below! Get the how-to!

Katniss braid from Linen, Lace and Love



Create your own “Hunger Games” by setting up several obstacle course trails in your backyard — all leading to a cornucopia. Players can compete to get to the base and win free movie tickets. May the odds be ever in your favor! You can also use Nerf bows and arrows to train like the tributes do in the movie series. If you want to keep the fun inside, play Hunger Games trivia by putting questions in a big glass reaping bowl.


Invite the tributes to your party by clicking on one of the three free Hunger Games-themed invitations below!

Mockingjay Invitation

Mockingjay Fire Invitation

Mockingjay Arrows Invitation


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