Every Question You Have about VIRTUAL Baby Showers, Answered

OMG, someone’s having a baby and you’re invited to celebrate… virtually?

Now what?

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First things first…
What were you invited to?

Virtual Baby Shower:

: The shower must go on—online, that is. A virtual shower allows loved ones near and far to come together to celebrate the parents-to-be over video chat and from the comfort of their own homes. Expect the party to take any and all traditional baby shower activities virtual: gifts, games, and even gender reveals!

When: About 6-8 months into a pregnancy

Hosted by: A close family member or friend to the parents-to-be

Virtual Sip and See:

What: The baby is here… which means it’s time for a formal debut. A virtual sip and see allows family and friends to meet the little one for the first time on screen, and spend the foreseeable afternoon speaking in baby talk.

When: After the baby is born

Hosted by: The parents themselves

Baby Parade Party

What: Parade parties are all the rage for any occasion celebrating a guest of honor, and the parents-to-be are no exception. Coordinate a date and time for family and friends to drive their decked-out cars past the parents-to-be’s home, honking, cheering, and even dropping off gifts. Parades are a fun way to make sure everyone feels the love and energy, even at a distance, and are sometimes followed by a virtual gathering after everyone returns home. Toot toot!

When: About 6-8 months into a pregnancy

Hosted by: A close family member or friend to the parents-to-be

Your #1 task: RSVP!

Try not to RSVP “Maybe.”

Virtual events may take less preparation, but you should still aim to RSVP at least a week and a half before the shower as a courtesy.

If you’re not sure at first, aim to confirm one week after receiving the invitation.

Stressing about the gift?

Are they registered?

Before anything else, check for a gift registry. If a registry is included, bless! You can choose a gift you know they want and deliver it to their home.

Don’t forget the card!

Stumped on what to write? We’ve got you covered. Send a card now.

What do you wear? (Yes, even for the guys!)

You might only be seen from the waist-up on video chat, but that’s no excuse to wear sweatpants to a baby shower. It’s still a semi-formal occasion, so find a happy balance of presentable and comfortable.

Women: You can never go wrong with a sundress, or a nice jumpsuit.

Men: Pair a polo or short sleeve button-down with khaki shorts for just the right amount of spiffy.

Women:  Keep warm in a long dress with tights, or a cute sweater with dark-wash jeans.

Men:  Pair a polo or long sleeve button-down with khaki or navy pants—your choice!

How do you mingle?

Checking your phone again? Tempted to mute yourself? We’ve all been there. Baby showers can be cringe if you don’t know many guests, but don’t worry – the virtual barrier can actually relieve some social anxiety. Here are ideas for striking up conversations with strangers.

Tip: Be mindful that others may be sensitive about their own, private baby situation

Conversation Starters You Can Ask the Group

Speech bubbles with conversation topics for a baby shower

The Dos & Don’ts Around Parents-to-Be:



Say, “You look HUGE!”

Say, “Wow, you’re glowing!”

Tell your own baby horror stories (they’re anxious enough as it is!)

Remind the parents-to-be that they’ve got this!

Ask when they will let you see the baby in person.

Respect their space and give them time to make a decision that feels safe for them.

Phew, you made it! Anything else?

Say “congrats” again when the baby arrives!

Send a free card

Continue showing your support by sending a congratulatory card once the little one arrives.

Buy an eGift Card

Or, instantly send the parents-to-be an eGift card to help them with their next chapter.

Questions you might be too shy to ask your host

How long will the event be?

Virtual parties tend to be shorter than physical ones, with baby showers lasting one to two hours and sip and sees closer to one hour. Looking to leave early? Don’t ghost. If you can’t catch a break to chime in your goodbye, leave a farewell message in the text chat before exiting.

Should you send anything besides a gift?

Not unless it’s requested! Check your invitation to see if there are any special requests. For example, many hosts suggest contributing a children’s book in lieu of a card to help build the baby’s library.

How do I set up for a virtual party?

For the best virtual party experience, we recommend setting up in a room with natural lighting and strong internet connection, with your device camera about eye-level. Need to prop up your phone or tablet? Try creating this easy cardboard stand to stay hands-free during your virtual party!